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What We Do

We provide residential on-site services, which include: general computer troubleshooting, data recovery, virus removal, computer security, computer training, network security & troubleshooting, Internet set-up, computer maintenance, remote access, etc.

Residential Neighborhood

Product Repair

ABC Computer’s technical consultants will work with you to help optimize the reliability and performance of your full computing and networking systems.
Dedicated on-site support: Tiered warranty and maintenance service is available in different service levels ranging from 24/7 onsite support to 2-hour, 4-hour or same-day response

Dispatch Support Systems: Nationwide access to our critical system components and spare parts to ensure timely repairs to your hardware, operating system and other IT assets.

Preventative Maintenance: A proactive solution that combines both scheduled maintenance and inspections and specified tasks to minimize equipment failures.

Depot/carry-in service: Low Cost Option for warranty and non-warranty covered repairs and maintenance to minimize maintenance costs while decreasing the need for full service agreements.

Updates & Upgrades

Ensure that your network, computers and operating systems stay up to date and current with the latest improvements and safeguards. ABC Computer can manage and execute the updating of your assets, system security and network environment to maximize their value and effectiveness. Our expert specialists and support team will ensure smooth and timely coordination and implementation to virtually neutralize employee downtime, and provides a cost-effective alternative to using internal IT resources. 


Patch Management


Our support services include collection of software patches and Service Pack Updates from vendors. These include vital driver updates, security and functionality upgrades, operating system upgrades, and network operating system patches as well as installation and testing of patches for rollout across your IT Infrastructure and environment.



Other services include setting up and/or relocating workstations, installing upgrades such as operating systems and executing the implementation of hardware and software. Our technicians here at ABC Computer will work with you to drastically minimize employee downtime during these changes and upgrades.

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