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What We Do

Our animation clientele is  a vibrant mixture of the best senior artists and producers and some fresh out of college rookie artists of the best kids shows and games in the world, who build stories, worlds, and experiences for kids that cut across platforms from television to online, games, toys, mobile—wherever kids are spending time.  ABC is their back-end IT support and provider.

Do you know where exactly you and your systems stand in the IT world? You simply cannot get to where you want to go, if you first do not know where you and your IT Infrastructure stand right now.

ABC Computer’s consultants will work with you to get a base of your current IT infrastructure. From this, they will be able to layout clear guidelines for the application, operating system and hardware requirements of your IT Infrastructure. This consultation will be delivered to you in the form of a detailed overview report and will assist you in finding any risks or potential issues in vital areas including availability, business continuity and compliance, and security. Our report analytics will include foundation information to help define your current IT environment including desktops and notebooks, storage and backup, servers, networks, printers, displays and other key elements. Our report will also include a detailed summary of possible risks and key points for project success in order to achieve your IT goals in all aspects of performance, manageability, growth, security, stability, and much more.

Just as is true for an architect when designing a home, having a well planned and designed IT environment is vital to your daily tasks. ABC Computer’s goal is not only to provide you with an IT Infrastructure that will ensure the success of your IT environment, but also to ensure that this increases the success of your business in turn. The ABC Consulting team will design IT solutions that will work with your current infrastructure but also have the ability to adjust to your business needs as they change. This design is based on a detailed assessment of your current IT infrastructure and provides a layout for putting a system in place that meets your overall business goals, schedule, and your budget.


ABC Computer provides targeted IT solutions to meet any of several goals including:

  • Stabilize and reduce operating, maintenance and ownership costs.

  • Increase security, compliance, adaptability, and availability.

  • The addition of higher performance capabilities and new functions.

  • How do you know our recommended design will work for your IT needs?

Image by Sarath P Raj

We understand that going through IT Infrastructure changes is a very important decision and is also a key investment into your company’s success and security. With this said, ABC Computer’s technicians will gladly work with you to be sure that our recommended IT solutions are exactly what you are seeking by using various demonstration and test methods prior to the full implementation of our solution. Testing, sampling, and demonstration methods that are used will depend on the type and scale of the technology to be used. In some scenarios, hardware and software will be installed in the form of evaluation periods and licenses to give you and your business a form of a trial run with the applications.

Proof of Concept Demonstrations should be considered for the following reasons:

  • Allow you to have a first-hand experience with the IT solutions so you may evaluate the applications and make changes if necessary.

  • Protect your IT Infrastructure by minimizing risks before the application of the changes to your systems.

  • To be confident that the system that has been designed for you will meet your requirements.

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