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On-site Services

IT support and maintenance services that your unique business requirements

A company can find it very challenging to maintain and support its IT assets and solutions, as it can become overwhelming for them. Taking care of everything from repairs to regular maintenance, and even patching, can become a hard task if you are not careful.

We provide businesses with a dedicated team of IT support and maintenance specialists to ensure that their IT investments are optimized.

No matter whether you require local support, we give you access to certified professionals to ease the burden associated with supporting and maintaining your assets.

All deployment projects have a ABC Team working with you including an Account Manager and a Project Manager, as well as a designated Team Lead for the Service Dispatch personnel assigned to your account. As a result, our Team is familiar and focused on performance management and any necessary escalations needed to keep the work on budget and on time.

Our resources are available to you on either a Time & Materials basis or on pre-determined Fixed-Fee basis.

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